Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, how do I buy RuneScape gold?

The process is very simple – you place an order on the website (enter the amount of gold you want to buy and the RSN of your character), process the payment and contact live chat support for delivery!

Do I need to log out of my account or something for delivery?

Nope – we provide you the delivery location once you order. When you are there, we will trade you your gold! Sounds simple enough, right?

How can I get paid for my gold?

We currently send payments via PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin.


Is there a limit of gold I can buy?

Nope! There is no limit on the gold you can buy. Larger orders may take longer than usual to deliver, but it’s still close to instant!


That’s too good to be true. You will probably ask me for my ID or something. [Do you need my ID?]

Nope! We care about your privacy – no identity verification of any sort will be necessary.


What is this Lottery thing? How does it work?

Pretty simple, really! While making a purchase, you have a chance to get a lottery ticket which can be validated on our page. Here’s how it works:

  • For purchases from $20 to $40, you have a chance to get an Easy Package ticket

  • For purchases from $40 to $100, you are guaranteed to get either an Easy package OR Medium package ticket

  • For purchases from $100 to $200, you are guaranteed to get either a Medium package OR Hard package ticket

  • For purchases over $200, you are guaranteed to get either a Hard package OR Elite package ticket

When you get a ticket, you can validate it on our lottery page to see what you have won. Simply go to our ‘insert link to Package Opener page here and name it Lottery page’, enter your Lottery Ticket code and contact Live Support to get your prize!

Do I have to sign up on your webpage to make a purchase?

Well, do you see a sign-up form? Neither do we! No signing up is necessary!

Got a discount code or something? Are the rates fixed?

Contact our live support to see if there are any promotions running!

How long the delivery will take?

In 98% of the cases, gold delivery is instant! Just don’t forget to contact live chat support!


No ID, no limits and instant delivery? Are you even legit?

All of our payments are processed through the – Global Digital Gaming Marketplace. No shady merchants are allowed there. You can rest easy knowing that we’re as legit as anyone can get!


What about gold selling? How do I sell the gold?

The process is easy as well! Contact our live support chat, come to the arranged delivery spot, trade us the gold and give us your credentials where the payment should be sent!


What payment methods do you accept?

Apart from PayPal, Credit Card and country-based payment systems (iDeal, SOFORT, POLi), we accept all payment methods currently supported by