Lottery Packages and Prizes

Find out which items you might win!

To make sure every customer gets extra gold with their purchase, we provide complementary tickets as our special offer for all our customers. Double the fun of your purchases here: these tickets ensure that you will not leave our store without receiving extra gold! Here's how it works (it's pretty simple, really):

While making a purchase, you have a chance to get a lottery ticket for one of the packages. This ticket can be validated on this page.

- For purchases from $20 to $40, you will get an Easy package ticket

- For purchases from $40 to $100, you will get an Easy package OR Medium package ticket

- For purchases from $100 to $200, you will get a Medium package OR Hard package ticket

- For purchases over $200, you will get a Hard package OR Elite package ticket

When you get a ticket, you can validate it on our page to see what you have won. Simply enter your Package code on this page, and don't forget to contact Live Support to get your prize!

Easy Package ($20.00 - $39.99 Purchases)

A starting package which is suitable for all the players. It‘s like an easy clue scroll, but much better – guaranteed win basically makes it a chest with free RuneScape Gold! Prizes worth from 0.1M to 7.2M OSRS Gold or from 0.7M to 7.7M Rs3 Gold.

Hard Package ($100 - $199.99 PURCHASES)

RNG in RuneScape can hurt like the dickens, we know that - we were in your shoes. Hard package is here to counter that, and the prizes contained in that chest can either give you enough coins for that one last push to turn your luck around, or even start your win streak right here if you hit the jackpot! Prizes worth from 0.9M to 43M OSRS Gold or from 4.5M to 131M Rs3 Gold.

Medium Package ($40.00 - $99.99 Purchases)

Size matters, but keeping it to medium is always good. Phis package can grant a serious cash boost to people buying RS gold and to those who are more interested in testing their luck in RuneScape. Prizes worth from 0.6M to 33M OSRS Gold or from 2.2M to 24M Rs3 Gold.

Elite Package ($200+ PURCHASES)

The meaning of Free RuneScape Gold is re-defined by the contents of this package. Not only does it ensure that you will not leave empty-handed (unlike clue scrolls, am I right?), but its crazy prizes can instantly multiply your investments, turning you into a successful RS millionaire! We offer what Duel Arena can‘t – out lottery grants guaranteed wins for everyone, including RuneScape gambling fans! Prizes worth from 4.8M to 139M OSRS Gold or from 13M to 406M Rs3 Gold.